Presentation Elements of Live Comedy- A Research Project

Over the last week, we have been looking at how people presenting live comedy skits use their face, voice, body and language to enhance their performance and bring further meaning to their jokes. We have

Spelling Week 4

Here are your week 4 spelling words. Remember, the aim of this is not just to learn how to spell these words, it is also about learning about what they mean and how you can

Language Devices

At the link below, you will find a list of “must know” language devices for our class this year. We will be learning to use these devices to make our writing engaging and we will

Spelling- Week 3

Kia Ora! Here is the beginning of our spelling program! Your spelling list is determined by your score on the words you were given last week. Remember, you had those words for a week and

Student Journal Registration

Complete this form to have your existing English Blog connected to your new course, or, if you don’t have one, to have a new blog created for 2018

Course Outline

Below you will find the outline of our course and what to expect from Year 10 English. This course will be built around the elements of comedy. We will look at a range of time

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